My family is cool with my disease. But at the beginning my mom used to make me mad as moms do but every time I got mad she would say, “Are you taking yoiur medication”? It made me madder.
But on the other hand…My oldest sister started her own small business a couple years ago. She hired me to help her. She started “staging” houses. Staging houses is when a house is for sale and the owners had moved out, people would hire my sister to come in and put her own furniture, paintings, lamps etc,. in the house to give prospective buyers an idea of what the could expect if they moved in. Once the house was sold my sister would take back all her furnishings and then stage a different house. She was making good money. My job was to drive and load a rented truck with all my sisters property inside. And unload the truck. A couple times i went to U-haul and rented the truck by myself, filling out all the paperwork and making necessary arrangements. There was a lot of driving involved and my sister was paying me $15.00 an hour. It was a lot of work.
But I remember one day in particular after a hard day of work and were finished and my sister was driving us home.We were talking and I suddenly became aware that my sister was talking to me like a completely “Normal” person. The tone of her voice, what were talking about etc.Just like nothing was wrong with me. It was a big deal to me and I was very grateful.


I have to admit, I do love it when I get to just hang out with my brother Jack and my sis and leave ALL medical talk on the shelf at home. I feel how I imagine normal siblings to be like. I am so grateful that this brother is back in my life as a friend. It is the smaller moments that hit me the hardest.