Remembering @martinhersey1

@martinhersey1 Where r u bro…!!!
hope ur doing better .you may be out of town…!!!
just show up man…A big shout out to ya…!!god bless…!!!


I think he replied to my post last week, he may be just listening …

My heart stopped for a moment when I read the title. I thought he passed away. God forbid… I hate it when people just disappear, I assume the worst.


He was disappeared for a while, but then he showed up and replied to my post, sometimes people just want to take a break.


Yeah I thought the same thing. Martin has a good 20-25 years left in him in my estimation!

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I hope that he is doing ok
He is a valuable member, that’s for sure

@martinhersey1 seems to be living quite a successful life for a schizo. I’m kind of jealous. but I guess his living gets better and better as he gets more and more familiar with his illness.

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I’m seriously worried @martinhersey1 please check in.