Remember Elvis?

I don’t know if anyone cares (I hope someone does), but Elvis, featured below, has made a stunning recovery. He’s moving around, flicking that tongue more (a sign of a healthy monitor), and he’s actually eating! He’s bashful. He likes to do his thing when I’m not around. I’ve been gradually introducing food, and today he scarfed down his crickets. I think I’m actually gonna keep this sweet guy. A lot of reptiles I’ll get turned around and then rehome them for the cost of food only (usually about $15 or so - I take pride in never making a profit, and 99% of the time I incur a loss), but he’s worked a way into my heart. He’s a little jumpy, so I’m just gonna get him settled in. Which segues into my next point…

…just as he gets settled in here, we are moving on Friday to our town place. It’s all set in stone. I knew we had it in the bag, but I didn’t know how quickly we’d get in. Friday we ditch this popsicle stand.


How’s his pelvis? But seriously, good luck with him. We have a mighty friendly cat where I live but I don’t know his name. I’m glad you are finally getting away from those people. I have a few problems where I live but I occasionally win the game.

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well that’s awesome Elvis is doing better !! good for you @anon40540444

Really happy for Elvis and you and your wife too!

Glad to find out Elvis is still alive :slight_smile:

Throw out some picture of his sweet face every now and then!
We :heart: Elvis


He’s no longer ‘all shook up’. :smiley: