Remedies which help

Which remedies help with delusions and voices, I found green tea helped somewhat to bring me out of my own thoughts. Anyone recovered without medicine or with some remedies ?

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Nope. You can go for a while without meds, but psychosis gets you in the end. I went 2 years without meds and then ended up psychotic in hospital.

I was going to quit the meds, but a doctor said to keep taking them, I dont know why.

So you don’t become psychotic, think you can fly and become a danger to yourself and others.

i don’t do meds i do this stuff;
st john wort
vit bs’
sardines ( omega 3s’ )
green tea
no alcohol
healthy diet
no recreational drugs
nature :evergreen_tree:
good carer
and lots of other stuff.
take care :alien:

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I haven’t found any remedies that work like meds.

but if you do… congratulations.

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