Religious programs

i never wanted to belong to programs for MI run by local religious institutions.

i worry sometimes that my mom is behind my back trying to get them to take over my life so I’ll worship her like i used to.


I was in a psychiatric hospital that was religiously oriented once. It wasn’t too bad, but they didn’t like it when I declined to go to their services. I wouldn’t want to go back.

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I think more hospitals need to have church services. My church (and all Catholic churches) has a program where they will bring you communion if you’re in the hospital. I called my church and they sent someone to bring communion to me at the psych hospital but the hospital wouldn’t let them in! I was so upset!

Religion doesn’t solve MI but it can help give a reason why MI exists in the human race. I consider myself Christian. I try to go to church every Sunday but I am very careful of not reading too much into the sermon. I use to have a big problem thinking I was divinely inspired. It caused me to do some crazy stuff. I don’t think anyone should force you to go to services.

I am a Christian and find much comfort and many answers in my faith. However, I do not believe in forcing anyone to be a part of religious services if they don’t want to. Although always ready to discuss my beliefs, I don’t force my beliefs on anyone. In the same way I don’t want others’ beliefs forced on me.


I went to a Christian support group and found it to be much more positive than the Nami meeting I went to. Don’t know how I would feel not being a Christian and going but I’m sure I would have been welcome.

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