Religious Believe and Schizophrenia

I think Religion was invented for schizophrenia patients. Its suppose to help you with guidance and innocence while you go through the strengths of your schizo episodes. I’ve changed my faith since being gang raped retarded. I hate to say I’m not a God worshiper any more but this feelings been burning inside of me so I want to tell the world (without them knowing my name ,of course.) I’m a DEVIL BELIEVER!!!. Please don’t look down on me I’m monstrously innocent

I think religion complicates things for schizophrenia patients. My experience with sz would have been (/would be) much easier without trying to look at it through the lens of organized religion.

And hey, I believe in the devil, too.


Sometimes I don’t know much difference between God and the Devil. God was such a bully !!

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Well… The whole devil/god thing is two sides of the same coin, you just choose a different side. I don’t think people can believe in only half the coin.

In San Francisco Anton LeVey had a Satanic Church. I was told he donated more money to public parks, Child’s burn unit and the S.F. Zoo then anyone.

I remember being captivated by his beautiful daughter Zeena LeVey on T.V. interviews back in the day when she was getting some award for humanitarian work.

She spoke very lovingly about her satanic father and how kind and open minded and generous he was. If that’s a Satanist, then I’d probably end up there.

Over the years of not having a job. I spent a lot of time pondering, including religion. My beliefs are a hodge lodge of different religions. But all religions I know of also have things I don’t believe in.

As they hounded and tormented me in memphish tennessee, i had thrown my ticket home away in a suicidal rage and went into the city to die, better to die i thought than live like this, i walked by an area with some trees in it and there was a triangular doorway with a being made of light in it.

I call it a her because she wore a dress made of light, i then heard “ssssshhhhhhhh” next to my head on the outside.

And then a guy showed up and offered to buy me dinner. After buying me dinner he then offered to take me to church, to some gathering.

The “voices” then told me that it was their church, that it belonged to them.

So, not only am i a believer in what we call devils, i also believe the churches of the world belong to them.

The guy then told me, after i had said nothing, that he had power over spirits, and this was right after seeing the being in the tree, whom i had not mentioned. I knew he was full of ■■■■ though.

Satan really is the “god of this world” right now, all of the kingdoms are his, it works his way.

From my view,we say that,there is no doubt that,these desperate feeling is the product of
wrong understanding to what is the religion in itself
let me explain the religion is simple words.

If you ask this question: Who is creating the nature “universe” and created us “human” inside it ?
there are many answers as following
1-Answer arise s jurisprudence mentality called existential philosophy
2-Answer arise due to popular cultures “myth”
3-Answer arise from divine revelation to some specific member of the community are called
messengers or prophets " this is the real religion"

-Thus,the relation between the human and the religion is the answering about the above question,wherever you are free to select any answer as you like to believe in !!
=When you say " I’m a devil believer",it means,you belief that the devil is the thing who is creating the
nature and created humans inside it !!
=Practically ,this is wrong believe, because we know that the devil is just a creature like human,and he behave like sound of radio station unable to create single ant

The human is a part from the nature,so that ,with regard to the creation of nature-applies to human too

I believe we all pray to the same Higher Power, whatever that may be…? I am embarrassed by christians in this world…(yes I am a christian), I will probably be thrown down on this thread for admitting that…but I also believe religion is evil and don’t believe in church…spirituality is personal, and it should remain that way…no one should impose their beliefs / rules / attitude on anyone…

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“Religion is for people who’re afraid of going to hell. Spirituality is for those who’ve already been there.”

  • Vine Deloria Jr.

Satanism is widely misunderstood…just reading the wikipedia page about them is enough to learn that they are not what they sound like. They’re basically nature-worshiping atheists who embrace animalistic behavior like indulgence and vengeance, but they have rules and even sins and their guidelines are very rational. I actually respect them, they arent evil, they just “be their own god”. They’re just narcissistic in my opinion.

I find them fascinating, but I still don’t get they had to call it “the church of satan”.

I myself am purely scientist, but I am a fan of buddhism, I just cant consider myself a buddhist because I am physiologically dependent on three prescription medications and psychotic without them, which is basically completely against buddhism. I did consider myself buddhist before I became an alcoholic. I didnt get drunk until six months after my psychosis fully developed.

i am a devil believer too but not a devil worshipper, dont be angry with god, we dont understand him but without him there is no beauty and hope and at the end worshipping devil is harder than worshipping god so i prefer god, devil commands are so that are in contrast with eachother while god says the same thing everytime so be some kind of devil if you want but dont be a devil worshipper. ( why worshipping devil when even god has not enough value to be worshipped?)

I don’t know what to believe to be honest, when i’m at my mom’s i pray with her since she’s catholic. But my mother in law is deeply religious and believes my problems with this illness are caused by demons trying to possess me.

The clients at Glide Memorial Church soup kitchen in San Francisco described the church/soup kitchen/food bank as a prison fortress. Human rights abuses are known to occur there. If I was homeless in San Francisco I would get my meals at Anton LeVey’s Temple Of Set any day. :meat_on_bone:

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Pedro, I really like that quote, and it is so true.