Religiosity and religious delusions in schizophrenia - An observational study in a Hindu population

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I would say this about the subject.

A religious person might be no different than anyone else, but a religious adult or child is a person who for the most part studies nothing less than what the psychologist studies, and they may do it more, take it more seriously, and be much more intuitive about this area of study than most of the people working in the psychology field.

A religious doctrine tends to work like an advertising sigh in that it attracts a great many of people to an area of concepts and an area of practices inwardly and outwardly but always with the key concept being an inward focus thus and outward plan for living. It’s always the same; first inward and then outward. Psychology is basically the same as that. So in a way the religions are old psychology, and there’s more sides or dynamics to them than that, but I won’t get in to them right now.

So like I said the religion acts as an advertising bill board for a great many of people, and some of those people become very avid thinkers and participators in the area of inner self awareness and improvement both in themselves and in others. They are more inspired than the average person be they practicing religious thought or psychology. There’s always a percentage of high achievers in every group, and the religious group is probably the biggest group in the world at something like 5 billion people minimum I know for sure.

IF there is a culture of this kind of inner awareness and inner augmentation of the self and unto others kind of practice of several generations of people who have become savvy at it in their handy work and in their rhetoric, then I have to assume that any true scz is going to have a better time going through scz than if the culture is very crude and bedevils or just shutters the scz.

That is not to say that all religious populations would be so caring or have any idea about what to do, but the possibility of the leadership there in some of the religious populations may be advanced enough to kind of carry the scz while the scz adjusts and comes out upstanding and self sufficient without being a total loss derelict. This is only possible where the value of a person is very much especially within each other, and that is impossible where the value of a person internally is nill to zilch and physically worth less than butcher products. The latter people will at best ignore the scz and at worst torment the scz to become that much more crazed and depraved for their entertainment or for some esoteric belief about how the scz only deserves the worst depravement.