Religion, Spirituality, and Schizophrenia



What I don’t like about when people use the word ‘spirituality’ is that they seem to just sort of think it’s some kind of ‘extension’ of someone’s ‘personal belief system’.

No. Spirituality is something that has substance or it’s nothing at all.

There is no ‘in between’.

The idea that there is just makes people comfortable and insincere. This sort of ‘fake’ humility that people do by trying to profess they’re ‘spiritual’ is just a front. If you were truly ‘spiritual’ then you must understand it? If not, please don’t perpetuate the illusion without genuine understanding. At least say, “I have an interest in spirituality.” or that you have an increasing interest in it.

But again, there is nothing reasonable about accepting ‘some spirituality’ or ‘some doctrine’. Either it’s true or it isn’t. If you want to profess it isn’t true, then go along with the herd and accept it as some ‘personality’ or ‘persona’ to wear when it’s convenient.


I consider spirituality to fall under intelligent design. I have no clue whose books were right or not but spirituality comforts me. something bigger than me. a purpose to all this.