Religion Flip-Flopping

couldnt find the thread i was reading about the other week that discussed this but figured i would start my own begging the question of how to come to terms with being able to stay dedicated to only one religion

for a while now perhaps months or even up to a year or two i have been struggling with picking between paganism specifically druidry or a sect of the abrahamic religion known as noahidism which is based off of judaism.

what are some things you guys, for those of you who have experienced religiousity or being obsessed with religion or more than one religion, have done to come to terms with your beliefs and spirituality?

literally, the other day, i built a druid altar and hours later i took it down to make a kabbalah altar which im not even sure if that is allowed in the abrahamic faith… the point is somedays or even for a few days i can be into druidry and then flip flop back to noahide or vice versa, what are some things i can do to be proud indefinitely with one spiritual path?

all spiritual paths have some things in common. you should follow many if you like. that’s not bad. I follow zen Buddhism, advaita vedanta, Taoism, and others.

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I follow the cult of me.

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I was born into a Pentecostal family then when I was 21 I explored Methodist then Anglican churches. Then became Catholic. Explored four convents and entered last one. Finally I converted to Islam. That was nearly seven years ago and I’m content being Muslim bcuz I believe in Quran. And in One God.

You might not think it now. But you are on the right path. You are doing the right thing, you have the right mindset, and you have the right point of view for the journey you’re on. The power is within us all and we will always get through it together.

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I guess all you can really do it make sure you know as much about the religions as you can.
It’s okay to mix and match a little, taking the elements you believe the most in from each religion and add them to your own personal beliefs.

I think it is called syncretism:

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I personally don’t much care about religion. I have a theory that I follow my father’s religion, what ever it is. I don’t involved myself in searching of any other religions. I think I can define all the religion in one sentence and all spirituality of religions are not proofed by my mind.

I consider myself athiest but I follow other religious practices because I think they work. And I believe in the aztec gods but not as actual, realized beings. But more like the idea they represent and the character is just a symbol to represent them.


I was raised as a baptist Christian, but I recently converted to Orthodox Christianity.

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Make sure you know as much as you can about the religions you are interested in. Some are open for others to participate in, but others are closed religions and don’t want you joining unless you were born into the religion. You just gotta be respectful.

Maybe this is different for me since I’m not religious, just a witch (I make lots of alters too!) but what if you just mashed together the things you liked and made your own sort of thing? That’s what I do with witchcraft. Take what you want (and are allowed) and create something that you are passionate about and feel spiritually connected to.

Does this make any sense?

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I’ve gone from Monotheism to polytheism, pantheism, mysticism, wiccan, gnostic, pagan, agnoticism, atheism to "who the heck knows how or why we’re here. lol

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I used to be very much into Catholicism when I was growing up. But then the nuns in Catholic school ruined it for me. They were really nasty (a lot of them anyways). So, I got to dislike that religion. It is also very much into forcing their views on others which I don’t like.

Now, I still believe in a god or gods. I just feel that there are multiple ways to think of the god(s). No religion is entirely correct or entirely wrong because we can’t know everything about this universe much less what is beyond it (like a god would be). Everyone has to find the right path for them.

For me, I was thinking of trying wiccan. But I would have to be a little secretive about it because I don’t want to get my mom upset.

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I created my own religion and beliefs. All of my psychotic breaks have involved God and beings from other dimensions. I’ve peered into different realms, traveled throughout our universe, and even saved a doomed planet. Needless to say, I have very strange beliefs. My God is awesome and loving and understanding and cares about me dearly. Do what you think is best.

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I am not what most would call a religious person as i was not"raised in church" as a lot of the older folks would say.

I think what you are going through is indecision about your identity in a spiritual kind of way? I think you should ask yourself which faith you beleive in more.

I have read christain bibles and have also read many ways in which paganism was practiced. Also, I have read about the perverse way paganism was twisted by Crowelly in the 1960s.

If you are are trying to decide between Noahism and paganism, please do trouble yourself to read history, real history, before making the decision.

Crowelly knew little to nothing about paganism and was an evil cult leader. His group and re-creation of paganism has become frayed including everything from witchcraft to crystals to voodoo.

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Please don’t express your opinion as facts. Everyone was problematic back then. He was a pretty interesting guy to say the least.

Religious topics don’t mix well with this forum.