Religion, avoid if that's not your thing

I want to be the happy lamb in God’s kingdom.
Love and peace to all.


I am a proud Agnostic - yes they do exist.
I dont mind religious posts, as long as they are not preachy or try to change others beliefs.
I do think that most of your religious posts belong in the Unusual Beliefs Section, because even if the post is reality based, it quickly turns delusional and fantasy filled.

There are sometimes atheist beliefs that are posted in diagnosed, that I think belong under unusual beliefs.

Maybe you are right - just to avoid the chaos that usually ensues

Yea there is another argument going on right now that I won’t touch with a 10 foot pole.
I just naturally try to avoid arguments in real life too.
Peace to all.

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This took a little peace from me but not love. I am interested in religion because of my delusions and voices. My voices are witnessing to me all the time about christ the holy spirit and jesus, like they want to prove me wrong. This statement makes me feel a little wrong if I am not 100% with it. It took some of the peace I was feeling away from me. But because I have some understandings for any beliefs about what happens after we die I dont know why It does not seem to affect my love as much just a little.
Peace and Love

“And the lamb will lie down with the lion”.

Is that from the Bible?

Apparently that exact quote is not in the bible but some similar passages are in there.