Religion anyone?


anyone want to talk about religion?



religion is a form of control like any organisation , look back in history to the wars , egos’ and chaos religion has caused .
unconditional love and kindness does not need a church , it already exists in our hearts we just have to find it.
take care

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enough said…



Video was not available in UK. I consider myself an agnostic atheist although Christianity, as with other religions, has some good points. The problem is in certain areas it has been distorted- fundamentalist southern Baptists for example who preach bigoted,right wing crap.



I agree that organized religion is responsible for a lot of bs. But there is at least some truth to be found in most of them, I think, scattered in with everything else.

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personally just as Christ took the sufferings of the world upon his shoulders, we resemble Christ a bit in our sufferings, i offer up my past suffering up as a form of repentance.



well, i am glad that you all have some sort of belief system, if we did not have our beliefs where would we be?

i believe to give people the benefit of the doubt and also try to keep an open mind about things, i’m looking forward to xmas as well, this time use to be the worst time for my illness but it is the best time now i am on the right med. i have always liked xmas but now i dont care if i dont get anything as long as everybody is happy thats the main thing,

i believe in happiness haha :slight_smile: if happiness was a god haha i’d worship it :slight_smile: haha



If I didn’t have my beliefs, I probably wouldn’t be here. They have gotten me through.



I go to church weekly right now. I feel better when i go and enjoy the service. I’m not a right wing person though. I’m a democrat.

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