Religion and spiritual persecution


I think specifically Christianity will make this situation worse. They will persecute you over it, and it offers no protection. If I were you guys, I would give it up. It is not worth being a martyr over a so called deity who will not spiritually protect you and defend your honor.


Christianity plays right into their hand, trust me. They think they are teaching you a spiritual lesson by torturing you, and in the Christian’s view if God allows it then it is condoned as a trial by God like the story of Job, or that you are at fault some how. Christians believe suffering is a good thing and that it makes you closer to God and “cleanses” you of your sins.


We’re dealing with people of the left hand path, and even Christians are in on it.


Yeah, christianity is some dark ■■■■. Very dark.

You know most of the planet wants to torture most of the planet for eternity? There are three main factions and they all want to torture most of the planet for eternity.

This place is ■■■■■■■ crazy ■■■■!