Relieved to finally know

Hello all,

I’m andy and I’m new here :slight_smile:

Went to my psych today. He had given me a bunch of tests about a month ago including an ink blot test. Today he told me that I suffer from psychotic disorder NOS, major depression, and ocd. I think most people would probably be a little devastated by the diagnosis but I’m mostly just relieved, I’ve suspected that I suffer from a psychotic disorder for a while now and it’s good to finally have it on paper. I’m kind of confused about the difference between PD nos and schizophrenia. My Dr seemed to use the terms interchangeably. He said the treatment is the same so it doesn’t really matter but I’m curious


Hi. New myself. I too have the PD-NOS (with BP-NOS). I think the difference is in how long you have been seeing the doc. You must have 6 mos. of symptoms or so for a schizophrenia label. I think.


Sometimes it’s good to just have validation and let people know you’re not just crying wolf…or to know there is a name for what you’re going through and it’s not all in your head.


Welcome Andy.

I think the difference between PD nos and SZ is that you may not meet the criteria for a SZ diagnoses however still have enough of them to have psychosis symptoms. NOS means Not Otherwise Specified. I think with SZ you may need 3 symptoms consistently over 6 months. I would have to reread the criteria to say for sure. As Illusionary pointed out you may need to be with this pdoc for a certain period of time for him to be able to say it’s SZ.

Currently my son’s diagnoses is somewhat up in the air if he’s psychosis NOS or SZ. The treatment is the same for both. Getting symptoms under control so that you can lead a healthy life.