Relieved to be done with sex


just turned 34. just a few months ago I thought I would try to take care of myself physically and stay in the game until I was about 40. I don’t see that happening anymore. it’s a relief. of course I will still masturbate on occasion but even that is rarer and rarer on meds. I almost do it just to prove to myself that my best days aren’t behind me. im not going to just let myself go though, im still going to try to workout and look good for my own sake but I don’t see myself getting into a relationship.


Over the years I have had sexual desire that seems to increase over time until it is released. The feeling can get quite strong and I don’t know whether to fight it or just masturbate at the first sign of the urge. I don’t really know what I am supposed to do. Like you, I have often wished the urges would just go away. My meds may have lowered my libido too.


I go off like once every 2 weeks now on meds. tmi probably. I used to go twice a day just a couple years ago. been on the Invega now for about 20 months. I noticed I stopped feeling lustful a few months in and that has remained. before I could get turned on by everyday women on the street and around town. now it’s just a select few performers who can turn me on. if I was in relationship it would be hard work to keep up with someone who had a healthy sex drive…we’ll what’s healthy? maybe this is better for me.

I would recommend masturbation though, I know the nofap thing is going on right now…but I think masturbation helps pacify a man. then again maybe you need a little extra motivation and could harness it.


Mate. I didn’t get married or have a decent relationship with a women till I was like 30 or so. Never say never. It’s important to look after yourself and that is cool. Don’t write yourself off yet!


I used to be frustrated with myself because I don’t see attraction. I see beauty but I’ve never had the drive like most folks do. Tried the dating stuff but I was trying to be someone I’m not.


My on again, off again gf of 14 years is now off again and once again she is not speaking to me. I am so sick of her ■■■■ that I am going back to celibacy. When am I ever going to learn that she is not where it’s at? I love her but not as much as I love G-d. I can’t replace G-d with her. G-d is irreplaceable. She is not. Somebody put a bullet in my head if I ever go back to her.


My man and I “get jiggy “ once every three or four months I think.

I have a early menapause but I can still enjoy it though i have dried up a bit I can still want it.
I am affectionate but we do not cuddle much or it’s me taking initiative all the time.
Every day I tell him n the dogs that I love them.

I do not fit in with his friends and family and he has not “let me in”or “opened up to me”but last time we had sex I felt he was more willing to meet my eye instead of suppress it n go over it like I’m worthless beneath him …instead of meeting me …

I would love to laugh with someone.

I miss Anders and friends I had…

I don’t know if I can live here.
I feel I would like more help and support but my family here in Oz want me to stay but I would like them closer I think.

I would like more sex more often but just more cuddles would please me too.

I would like to have friends.

He is surrounded by friends and family and I’m in this state just me and my sacred neigh.

I do not masturbate.

When I was celibate for five years I barely did either.
I’m don’t enjoy it as I want the connection communication flow etc not just a quick boring orgasm.

I want more intimacy.

I’m feeling sad.

I’m having hot flushes and the supplements for it do not seem to be helping.

We are pretty nice to each other but we are both on strong medication.

I would like more affection.

Anders gave me great cuddles .
He held me in front of him but my bf can not do that because his shoulder hurts.
He used to hold my hand .
I really would like to meet him or explain n apologise etc…

I have email with a old friend I love.
I was a bad friend to her but have apologised.


I would rather be celibate than have destructive sex that I’m not ok with and where I do not consent.

Being celibate five years made me a better person.


I was a binge drinker and a slu#.

I would end up some place no idea where I was no money not knowing how to get home etc

I did not enjoy it.

I was easy but something destructive was steering me.i did not feel that it was me and I did not enjoy it.

It was awful.

I have had sex with more Pathan I can remember.
It’s disgusting and sad.

When I was a teenager it started…

I was raped sometimes aswell.


My sister got to marry the guy who took her virginity.
A great guy.
She was valued higher.


Not Pathan


I do masturbate may be more or less than my last
Have goal work for it
Get in relation and enjoy life


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