Relax, It's only life


My new motto is “Relax, it’s only life”.

It kind of makes light of the fact that life is a huge deal, as we shouldn’t think of it so much. RELAX, IT’S ONLY LIFE.

Easier said than done, but maybe it can help some.

It’s only life after all. Not a big deal. Yup.


This is one of my favorite quotes


I was just going to post about how serious I take life - too serious sometimes.

A lot of it is catastrophic and doom and gloom thinking - it just isn’t worth it.

Life is too short to waste half of it on worries or bad things that will never happen.

I have got too start taking things a bit lighter - getting worked up for nothing is not the way to live


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Yea,I messed up my life and I hope to messed up more lol,it would defitnately be good in a way to mess up sometimes