Relationships category on this site

Maybe it would be a good idea to have a Relationships category on here - many of us, including myself are struggling in relationships. Friendships, family, romantic, LGBT, different kinds of relationships could be discussed - I think it is an important subject, especially for those struggling with their illness


I agree with you; I think is a good idea!!!

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I will keep this in mind. I’m trying to keep the forums quite simple so that people don’t find it too confusing. The more categories, the more confusing it gets - and thats not helpful for visitors.

I encourage you to post relationship discussion in the main diagnosed forum and that way everyone will see and participate in the discussion if they want.

If there are a lot of relationship discussions over the next few months - I’ll revisit the idea of another category just for relationship discussions.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Thanks @SzAdmin for at least considering the possibility of adding a separate Relationships category

Good idea @Wave. I think this would be helpful too.

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