Relationships are just temporary

All the friends you’ve ever had will go their own way. All the girlfriends you’ve ever had will do the same.

There’s no point in beating yourself up about not having friends or even a girlfriend. It’s all just temporary anyway.


I agree to some extent. In the 1980s when I studied I had many girlfriends and then they went their own way, I was married in America and eventually she also went her own way. I do not have real friends and this is ok too. But family relations are meant to last, at least in my opinion.

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Nicely said…!!!

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wish my rod agreed with this statement. It seems to want to be beaten all the time


It seems to be me who is going my own way. I only have a few friends but it’s me who wants to be alone and doesn’t want to get together. Few friends I have have gone their own way but I don’t feel they dumped me. It’s only been 7 years since I became ill but my group of friends all have mortgages and kids now.


I guess one of us has to die eventually…


Mrs. Pixel and I are enjoying our 17th year of temporary.


Friends are mostly seasonal. Often friends are a dime a dozen. However are a few diamonds around and their the ones worth fighting for.


very buddhist… they teach impermanence , everything is temporary.

you can’t have a forever relationship… no matter what you want

Speak for yourself. Most of my friends have been around since we were in grade school, and we’re still going strong. When I decide I want someone in my life, they stay there. I accomplish this through the steady application of baked goods and funny stories. But I am a social person by nature. People energize me.


so a man and woman in their early years look for an equal

then the woman gets old and loses her looks, the man looks for another

is it fair? hm

anyway, many things can break a relationship

and eventually one of you will die

do you think your relationship continues after the grave?

My mom’s did. It was awkward for everyone.

If everything is temporary then everything would be simultaneously is-not and is-always.

If everything is, by the definition of “is” it is always.

sorry i don’t understand your point Genbu

He said the word is implies it is…because is was…is is… and is will always be…is can and is is’s is all the time bow to is


You can’t get far in life not saying “is!”

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To is or not to is, dat is da question.:grin:


Maintaining relations with anyone takes effort. And sometimes the other may at times put less effort in than you do. It’s up to to you whether your willing to accept that and continue. Sometimes it’s yourself that puts less effort in and the other person puts in more effort to maintain.

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