Me, sitting at my computer, browsing the same three websites: hm, nothing interesting on here. What should I do now?

Takes out phone and proceeds to browse the same three websites, but on mobile


hey @ninjastar how is parenting going…have you got your first foster child…what age is he/she…or they adapting

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Haha, I do that all the time, especially Facebook :sweat_smile:

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We had two babies for a bit over five weeks, but then an aunt came for them. It was hard to say goodbye, but they’re with family now, so it’s good for them. We miss them. This week, we are meeting with another kid who is looking for a forever home.


good stuff…what age will ur new arrival be

do some of these kids have “challenging behaviours”

you notice these kids have wanting a mom and a dad in a nice home with 1.5 pets, both working and living out the child’s established way.

It’s amazing coming from a broken background they can still think that way.

It deterred me right away.

Well, I mean, that’s basically my life, so I sure hope that’s what he wants.

@karl the kid we are meeting is 13, and yeah, all kids have challenging behaviors, but especially kids who have experienced trauma. It’s no different than how I suspect any of us would act in the same situation.


I haven’t used a PC in years … So no, not relatable :smile:

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@everhopeful…was thinking of getting a smartphone…would u recommend one…is it easy to use on this site

i hope im not derailing this thread (by changing subject)

It’s easy to use this site on a smartphone. Get one with a large battery, gorilla glass (so the screen won’t break/scratch), and fast charging. I use an android phone.


The ,mobile app is just the mobile browser that comes standard with your phone. So for android phones, it runs on chrome, and for apple phones it runs on safari.

The mobile site is way better than the app, unless you want to get notifications.

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I use my iPhone exclusively for this site, handy mobile support group 24/7. One of my tools.

As for Relatable, I normally cycle through a few websites, and a game or two

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Next relatable moment:

Feeling really strongly that …blahhh feeling. I just want to curl up with a mug of hot cider and lie on the floor until everything that I want is just brought to me, but I don’t even know what it is I want. And I don’t have any cider. And Mr. Star says we have to go to the store and buy more plates.

LMAO! Same star I do the same thing everyday and night. The only productive thing I might do is feed my dog, get dressed, and read… Other than that, it’s all I do!

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