Relapse weed

No body has not have no symtoms of schizophrenia and smoke weed and relapse

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I don’t understand the question

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Giving up chems is hard for most.

Don’t beat yourself up but sz and weed don’t mix for most!

You need to have a desire to do it and you need to ask for help if it’s needed!

Some things are hard to do by yourself.

For the record. I gave up weed and cigarettes. It wasn’t easy but a great thing to do for my health!


Don’t do it. I relapsed hard after being stable for 3 years from dropping my meds and turning to weed.

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And how long did it take you to relapse after first hit Dre91

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About 3 months 1515

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Where you smoking hard Dre91

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I don’t think we should be discussing this


These are three separate reports that all say smoking pot increases your risk of having a psychotic episode. Hopefully that satisfies your curiosity. If not, I can provide at least twenty more.

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