Reinventing the self

Hi guys! I plan on really reinventing myself next year. I’m feeling really optimistic about next year. I wanna buy a whole new wardrobe, change my hair style, and start wearing makeup havent worn it in like 3 years cos I’ve had really bad negatives and plus I’m SUPER restless due to invega sustenna. hopefully plan on getting off the shot too. I also might try to have a baby but we’ll see! I say this cos I think I might be pregnant already :slight_smile:


That’s great @sadgurl21! I hope everything turns out!

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Are you multiepisodic? If so its really a bad idea to stop meds as you will relapse. Anyways, its your Drs decision.

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Otherwise, good luck with everything.

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I have to get off cos it’s giving me akathisia and raising my prolactin levels it doesnt go with my body chemistry. And thanks!

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Alao I think I am a little bipolar

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Thank you so much!

This sounds really positive.

I hope you can achieve your aspirations.

Sz is a barrier, but it need not be if you can get on the right track.

Make the best of it.

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