Rehearsing my response

I just went to Starbucks for an ice coffee because I got a gift card for Christmas. As I stand there waiting for the girl to take my order, I have to keep rehearsing my order over and over in my head because I feel like if I don’t it will get lost in my train of thoughts and i’ll blurt out something crazy when the time comes to order. I find that I do this pretty much anytime I have to place an order for something like that. Anyone else do this?

When I’m making a phone call I write down what to say. Even if , when the moment comes I end up reading it word by word.

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Yeah, I get anxious thinking off the top of my head. I have to prepare myself and am not good at making instant decisions.


I did this when I was younger in my 20s.

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I’m always rehearsing conversations in my head. :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

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Hi I’m taking singing lesson and doing vocal lessons,sometimes they sound weird like me make monorail
Oregon ore of or ooh ooh in for 12 out for 14 then out for 16, isn’t that wierd,maybe one day I’ll be on a talent show! Does anyone else take singing lessons (maybe in church. Tellet memail about your experiences.
Good luck to you.

On another subject my birthday just passed on December 31, isn’t that a great day to have a birthday! The

Whole world is celebrating with you.
By for now

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