Regression... recovery?


I’m beginning to wonder about this odd feeling of regression… Maybe a sign of recovery? It most likely isn’t but I’d like to see it that way.

When I was a little kid, I was ADHD, Then I was OCD, then PTSD, then Schizoaffective, then SZ.

Now my Doc is still giving me Schizoaffective information to read and learn about, and some of my old OCD and ADHD antics are coming back.

Maybe I’ll regress back out of SZ? I just feel now that I’m getting a hold of the big monster, all the little ones are resurfacing.

But like always, I just see it as little pieces to kick down as they come up.

My life sometimes feels like the “whack a mole” game.


lol, I love that game:)


I think once you take the focus off of the BIG problems in your life, you start noticing the small ones. I don’t think this is a sign of regression. Your problems with ADHD and OCD have probably always been there, lurking under the surface of schizophrenia. But you are now in a great position to tackle them with your treatment team.

Don’t be disheartened by these smaller problems. Just keep moving forward and working hard, like you’ve always done. You WILL conquer them :slight_smile:




i really hope that you recover and get better, i would be very happy for you.
my ocd , ptsd, my bad voices…etc…seem to be disappearing and today funnily enough reading your post/thread kinda made me feel like i might regress and go back to the good old days.
but 1) hey, if i do at least i have experienced roughly 3 weeks without them !!
and 2) i know what i am going back to !!
take care


My pdoc said it’s like peeling an onion. Once you get on top of the psychosis, all the other “little” things start to pop up, and need to be dealt with.


I hope I didn’t cause you any regression. I hope you keep looking forward and not back.


sorry i worded it wrong, i was thinking about myself regressing before i read your post…
take care


It’s Ok, I’ve regressed again and started thinking about a time before I posted about regression. :wink:


you win batman.
take care


On a slightly serious note, how have you been lately?


thanks for asking…
erm…good my ocd, ptsd deep depression disappearing…i am in shock to be honest so is my therapist !! i take one day at a time !
hey , i am really happy for you that you have a girlfriend, good on you , you deserve happiness…
also i hope your sis is feeling much better, exams are tricky…but she is smart she will get through it.
take care


Thank you for that.

The poor kid sis has the worst and last one tomorrow. She’s got her lavender oil, and other things to help. But the crying has been getting worse this week.

  1. wear a black shirt so the mascara does not show.
  2. i am sending her a piece of my sz raindow, it is slightly dented, a bit faded from the australian sun, but it is still beautiful. i hope this brings her luck.
    take care