Registered for new course

Since I wanna be a social worker now I figure it makes no sense to take cosmology and mythology

So I registered for this

Still part time

Not crazy about it being partially online

But I will persevere

My new major is my old major, sociology


Being a social worker is no joke apparently. It can be quite a demanding job. Are you sure it’s a good choice? I’m not saying it’s not though.

Do you have a social worker of your own that you could talk to about what it’s like?

Actually, ignore what I said I’m just low functioning, so everything would be demanding as far as I was concerned.

I do.

I was in a bad state once and said I wanted to be a social worker and she discouraged me…then later she came back apologized and encouraged me for crushing a dream of mine. I will talk to her more though. I know id have good insight, I get along with ppl, may be stressful but I could do it I know I can.

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That’s good you’re doing part time that’s how I started out. School will be challenging I’m not going to lie. When things get tough visualize your goal. See yourself walking down the aisle at graduation or talking to a client who is having a hard time. Online I found was easier but does take discipline. You might like it. Just take it assignment by assignment instead of looking at completing the class as a whole. Good luck! :sunny:

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Maybe you could still study cosmology and mythology out of interest?

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I don’t have that great of interest of cosmology and mythology

this puts me on a path to accomplishing something

i think it is quite interesting too

they use hip-hop and other types of music to teach us concepts about the inequalities in the health care system

seems important for what im trying to pursue

That’s really progressive. Go for it!

I met a social worker in the mental institution…she was a patient. Her arm had many self-injury cuts, new and old. She had dissociative identity disorder and I spoke to like many of her various identities (personalities, I don’t know what they prefer to be called). She would sometimes turn into a child and talk in a kid’s voice.

The pdoc told me in private, “I can’t believe they let her be a social worker,” and shook his head—but he didn’t see what the rest of us on the ward saw. She was considerate, kind, warm. She engaged with other people. She drew us out of our shells. I cried and hid under a blanket because my close friend had dropped me while I was in the hospital and she came by and when I didn’t want to talk, she just sat with me.

It just goes to show that a person can be complex and damaged and still a really really good social worker. I can honestly say, if I needed a social worker, I’d pick that woman over the many I’ve had since then.

Go forth!

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Thank you so much for your encouragement @HQuinn

Even if not a social worker, I can be a case worker, either way I wanna help mentally ill and substance abusing people, whether they’re my age and struggling or younger, and help guide them in a direction that has the least damage possible.

I called my case worker for guidance today and he gave me very good insight. I wouldn’t mind that job either :slight_smile:

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Looks like a very interesting and demanding course at 8 credits. I loved all the socio courses I took, I was a sociology major. I often thought of continuing on for my MS in social work but the local school was super competitive, this was before online and distance learning became popular. While I never did anything with the degree its given me insight when dealing with people in customer service and I think it’ll help me in my future nursing career and if I go onto be a psych NP.

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8 credits is actually part-time

at this school you take 16 credit courses, or in my rare case you take an 8 credit course

they call them full time (or part time) inter-disciplinary programs, it’s a very unique school

i chose 8 credits because im trying to ease back into this thing

thanks for your insight!

But 8 credits for 1 course is a lot.

true, but there’s no lesser options

its quarter system too so the credits are fluctuated higher

i get what youre saying but hopefully ill be fine

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Good luck ttp :relaxed: Sounds like a wise career move, it can be very rewarding

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I will be living in the sober apartment going to AA meetings when im not studying and at class. In fact Im going to AA @ 12. Dual diagnosis group at 5:30 and therapy at 6:30 today

I’m excited for a day of recovery!

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