Regarding brain shrinkage of AP

I just read about brain shrinkage issue this forum and ı want to say something about it.normal healthy person brain shrink each year 0.5 but at AP users this ratio 0.7 so it s not big issue.i know huge amount of AP users who live normal live after they used this drug more than 40 years.brain shrinkage means atropsy this means loss of grey matter.ı ask this issue one brain doctor and he said atropsy doesnt mean loss of intelligence and he said %30 percent loss of grey matter doesnt mean don t worry about brain s only cause memory problem.thats all

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One of the issues in schizophrenia is loss of brain plasticity. The healthy brain compensates the loss of some grey matter by forming new synapses or strenghtening existing ones. But schizophrenic brain has less plasticity so the effects of brain shrinkage might be more severe for us. It’s one of the reasons scientists are looking to find the miraculous “plasticity pill” who in theory would be able to rejuvenate our brains :smile:

So shrinks probably taking too much AP’s, I never can get along with their way of thinking :smiley: