Refrigerate Risperidone and/or prazosin?

Can you keep them in the fridge along with omega 3 or separate?

I don’t think you need to keep them in the fridge. I have some risperidone on hand from 1995 that I think is still good :wink:

@MeghillaGorilla1 That’s 21 years. I would assume it’s well past its expiration date if not fossilized. :alarm_clock: :smile:

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Not unless you’re storing it inside a dewar of liquid nitrogen. Holy hell, d00d, that’s some old shiz.

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Man that’s pretty old lol I was just wondering if it’s okay if I do. Like it won’t change anything

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its hard as a rock! and will make you stiffer than a board. It may still be in its original packaging. maybe I should sell it on eBay,