Refind man ability to think.......?'s

Squirrel monkey aint gonna get nowhere until he quits smoking in class


It’s a monkey !

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and the other thing?

ah that’s not a moon that’s a naner

Its a bear!


that’s quite the mentor

Bears are smart you know, they can domesticate

I’ve heard that…

Also a bear owner got mauled once…

risky business

I’d like to get a pet raccoon someday…

Yeah they can’t domesticate humans, too hard of a task. I’m going to get lunch now.

What does this mean? I found some kind of meaning:
orange bunny wants to train the monkey to jump in the air for his banana but monkey just wants to chill out in the corner and smoke (who knows what he’s smoking).
moral: don’t do drugs. or don’t make monkey jump. something like that. lol

The monkey is the cutest!

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I thought we were all domesticated… I’m a pretty domestic homebody… obey the rules… stay inside… (don’t think) and buy buy buy


Consume consume consume. I’m going to take a shower now.