Reeces or Sour Patch?

Between the 2, which do you prefer?

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Reese’s :chocolate_bar: :peanuts:

I like reeces for the upper 2.

so so so much! So much!!! Yummm

That’s a really hard question. They are both good candies and each serves a totally different craving. Sometimes I want fruity sour taste that stimulates the taste buds in an extreme fashion, and the only things that do this are sour patch kids or sour skittles. Other times I’m having a chocolate craving and Reese’s cups are the best way to address it.

Overall, I crave Reese’s more than I crave Sour Patch though.

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I never want to see candy again

sour patch all the way

Both!!! Yum yum

Reese’s for sure.

Unless I’m at a movie then it’s sour patch

I went cold turkey off of sugar this weekend, but when I was eating candy I preferred the Reece’s.

Reece’s is better to me

Reese’s but I’m diabetic.
Says it all unfortunately.

Thanks for that answer agent 008

I love both but I heard that the acid in Sour Patch Kids will rot your teeth! Scary thought! :tooth:

Reese’s. Mmmm. Yum.