Reduced dosage of Atlura

I used to be suicidal a lot before. But i thought i should reduce dosage from 80mg to 40mg and see. It has worked well so far. I am not being suicidal thats an improvement. But need to see overall impact after few more days as i have reduced only for 2 days. Can anyone tell me how it is with Atlura 40mg alone? How does it work?


Lurasidone is a powerful medication. I think 40-60mg is a good dose for sz. I was on it before briefly.

Is it for sz? I was diagnosed bipolar. Is it also useful for bipolar.

I’m on 80mg. I think it could be weeks before you notice a change. I also suggest you not drop so fast, go to 60 for a few weeks then 40. As always, talk to your doctor.

Hi Dre91, are you taking that for bipolar or sz? I spoke to the doc, he said its fine as long as i dont feel uncomfortable with it.

Okay, that’s good to hear. Figuratively both since I’m SZA.

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I might also be SZA. What are the symptoms you are experiencing? So that i may be able to compare it with mine. What is the medicine you are on?

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U need to have postive symptoms as psychosis cognitive symptoms related to memory and negative symptoms related to social performance along with emotional expression…!!

Bro… I think i have both and it is severe. Should i be diagnosed as SZA.

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Dont worry whats ur illness is … ur atleast high functional … lable doesnt matter…!!! Keep ur self healthy …medicines have side effects too… u are a family person. Love ur family thats it…!!! Lifes is difficult u know it all… take care sri…!!

I am not high functional. I am suicidal. I might commit anytime. I am not able to bear the issues that i am facing. Medicines, psychotherapy, online therapy, nothing works for me. I am paranoid with one thought that i am incapable. I am not able to move from one point to another point. I am stuck up.

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This looks like rough patch…!!! Hope it will pass…
Can u pray to the god at this moment if ur religious…!!! This happes to me often… i was suicidal before not now…!!! U still work right sri…???

Thanks for the advice. But i am struggling a lot. I am not getting love from my family. I will pray that I am fine. But i dont want to work and make others suffer. I want to live alone like you and help myself.

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I think its illness talking…!!! Hope this time shall past…!!!

hey i was on a 40mg dose of atlura…it was indeed effective with less weight gain …but it caused lot of restlessness …so i discontinued…it is expensive as well…but im looking fwd to give it one more try …keep posting abt the updates !!!

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