Redefine reality with Reality Simulator

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The reality is cruel.

To run a reality simulator in my world

PURPOSE: To slowly heal myself due to traumatic experience in the past.
METHODOLOGY: Redefine the relationship among people, among things and between people and things in real life.

The object in real life is as it is. Just the new relationship is given to the object.

I won’t give any example. The redefined reality or new relationship between people and things can be anything as long as it is positive and upbuilding.

This reality simulator is only meant for day-to-day challenge. It is not helpful when I face real crimes or war, etc.
(In case I face yet another traumatic experience, I’ll need to run another instance of reality simulator from the existing reality simulator- In short, “an actor needs to pretend to be an actor”).

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What is “your world”? I don’t get what you mean by simulation

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My world of derealization.