Red square

How the beep does anyone do 18 seconds or more?

You survived 0.408 seconds. Just couldn’t get this at all. Supposed to test hand-eye coordination

Second try. Got the hang of it but still crap 3.345 seconds.

Improved to 9.937 seconds.

For me it was very hit and miss. I would often get 0.3/0.4 seconds before getting 5/6 seconds or more . I certainly couldn’t do it consistently. Have tried about 50 times to repeat my nearly 10 second score without success.

I do agree with those who say it’s probably about anticipating where the blocks are moving. I am not good at that which probably explains the randomness of my scores . For example last 10 tries just done: 0.624 0.332 3.743 6.177 0.31 4.682 0.325 0.258 1.239 0.379

As you can see 6 of my tries were under 1 second. With an average of 1.8069 seconds.

I am sure there are better tests of hand-eye coordination.