Red Pill or Blue Pill. POLL

By red pill I mean being willing to face the truth (whatever that might be) regardless of the consequences to one’s happiness and well-being. Blue pill would, conversely, stand for snug complacency.

  • Red pill
  • Blue pill
  • I don’t do pills anymore

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…What if you took both at the same time though?



This is a conversation I’ve had before. If I was in the Matrix and given this opportunity, I feel like ultimately the blue pill is way better. You’d feel happy and life would continue to exist as you know it. Sure you are living a lie, but you wouldn’t actually know it. Its like, if you are used to a shadow world, the shadows are reality.

Also seeing as so many characters end up dying with our brief time in the real world, it doesn’t seem that realistic that we (someone thats not Neo) would survive that long in reality.

To take the question without being directly in the Matrix, most of the time I’d prefer to know harsh truth than be left comfortable but lied to. That said, there are situations where I purposefully don’t ask questions because I don’t want to know too much details etc.


I’ve gone on hikes searching for people my voices told me were trapped. They weren’t. Red pill, every time.


Purple pill


I already took the red pill, but you have to face the reality our persons are stuck in momentarily

Please stop wasting your life pondering this

It will consume you


if you take both they morph and become purple pills


In reality you don’t get a choice in the matter!

Be there a simulated world or not, you are in it and there is no getting out.

If you suggest to yourself that taking the red pill is suicide, then you are a fool to take it. Even if this was a simulated world it still ends for everyone at some point. Don’t hasten the end by such a rumination driving you down the ‘enter the void’ pill.


I’d rather know the truth, but you need to be prepared for it. There’s a time to be cushioned and safe, and there’s a Time to stand and be counted, to face reality, whatever that might be. That’s the way it is for me anyway


I guess it would mean that the harsh truth is that there is no harsh truth. :sweat_smile:

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I know where you’re coming from, but I mean “real reality” at its most indeterminate, it doesn’t have to be a simulation, at least not in this thread.

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I’m looking forward to it… :wink:

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I don´t give a ■■■■ anymore. I think I´m living day to day without thinking about consequences of any type.


If someone offered me two such pills, I’d just assume both pills have the same composition and they only want to drug me in order to get my debit card pin number or email password.

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Lol, 152552525225

Red pill: the matrix is an allegory blue pill: the matrix is a scifi movie starring keanu reeves


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