Red magic plus enough characters to make ten

the forum said the topic “red magic” just wasn’t gonna cut it, not ten characters. kinda looks like ten, with the blanks, i thought i could get in the less than ten items checkout counter but now i’m standing in the long line…

i’m a red magic shaman.
when the spaniards the conquistadors came to inquest the aztec shamans,
delivering the order that stands to this day, to stop practicing your magic in public,
groom and bury your madness then come out and pay lip service at minimum to the catholic church;
now it’s pay the ceasar and play along with wartime, lip service at minimum for your patriotism, and keep that madness head down at all times, start talking that nonsense and the cops surround you with the tasers our, calm DOWN sir! - but officer, i AM calm!!! - red magic all the way down my back and up my side, and yeah when the conquistadors came around and did the anual shaman survey of curanderos, the census asked, do you practice white or black magic. Cause enquiring minds need to know these things. 49 percent answered white, 49 percent answered black, and 2 percent answered “red”. don’t know how long ago or where i read that one.
next time i heard about red magic, it was about 7 years ago in the new york times, the hmong were involved in a shooting in the us somewhere, where tensions had risen between the midwest gun culture and the shamans among the hmong, and one guy shot like a bunch of the midwesterners in a deep wooods hunting blind shoot out, and then got taken away and put on trial, but he did it in self defense apparently, think that’s when i learned that the hmong shamans were brought along for war on major wars, and in the biggest wars, they’d have to include a couple of red magic shamans, cause that was where the real power was.
so i wag my redshift tail in redshift space, i practice red magic, cause when i practice white the pendulum swings so black, let’s just be realistic here, stay red in the middle, eat the whole universe, light and dark, big mystical bible in the sky available for consultation. most evenings. till sunrise.

Down the middle, like the buddha; only the most powerful shamans get to practice red.

Common in and live on both sides of the coin; hold the duality within yourself. Use your own inborn unity and effort of stillness to hold together two opposites.

Just like the universe does.

  • Zong Bing Wonderdonkey

No onder, there is no red, red is just black, you cannot be both, it’s one or the other.

Not that we don’t all begin in the black though, or that there is any real choice in the matter at all.

If you eat both you are just black, it’s just a different black, while there is only one white, alot of different black there is.

Don’t you find it a little odd how the shaman, who speak with demons sometimes, were down trodden by the demon loving catholic church?

You’d think they wouldn’t do that to eachother loving the same ones but i guess that is how it works. It’s almost as if it were only about the robes and nothing more, not to say that robes don’t look good at times, although that shouldn’t be the focus.