Red itchy hands

I’ve developed some sort of rash on the back of both hands.
They are red and very itchy!

All I know is that I’m hot and my dog (puppy) is continuing to drive me nuts!

I have been washing my hands frequently lately.

Maybe it’s from this?

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I have that problem with cheap hand soap.

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Could be a med reaction. Itchy hands may signal a liver issue. Get it checked if it goes on for a couple more days.

I’m no doctor, but I use the 3 day rule when it comes to my health. Not better in 3 days?..I get it checked out.

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That’s weird. I have a red rash with little bumps all around my neck. The doctor gave me an antibiotic cream. I hope it works, it’s itchy as hell !!

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Yes @anon39054230
It’s getting better already.

Probably the heat and stress from my dog.

Thanks @anon39054230 @Cragger @BlackRaspberry

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