Red flags you ignored in relationships

Ones that came back to haunt you.

What were they?

I was best friends with a woman who had a two year old.

We were pretty young (20ish).

When that kid would cry or have a fit, generally do annoying kid stuff,

She would look at him with a scowl like I’ve never seen and say “sometimes I hate you”.

The first time I heard her say it, I was taken aback.

He was too young to really get it, but damn that’s a cold ass thing to say to a child.

Our relationship ended super dramatically.

(I think I’ve told the Vegas story here)

I can link almost all the problems back to her telling her kid she hated them and can’t believe I ignored it.

Massive red flag.

What about you?


I had a girlfriend who would hit on my friends. I ignored it. Bad mistake :confused:


I had an ex bf who’s parents didn’t like me. His father pointed a gun at me. So I got the hell out and called my dad to come get me while I sit two blocks away from that ■■■■■■■. Not so much ignoring just worst red flag ever the whole thing.


I once had a friend who various parts of her body like her ears and ■■■■, would fall off. She lumbered around trying to eat peoples brains. I started to wonder “Am I next?”. Total red flags.

You ever have a friend like that @anon4362788 ?


Long answer in 3…2…1…

Had a “friend” who was with a guy that was not her sons father. We were young, maybe 17-18yrs old. (She had her son young). Her son was maybe 2 at the time. Still in a car seat. We decided the 4 of us would go to a theme park about an hour away. Her boyfriend drove.

This man was going over 100 mph in the HOV lane when he noticed he needed to get out of the lane. Instead of missing our exit and using the HOV exit, he drove over the groove that separates the HOV from the regular lanes into fast moving traffic. All with her son in the backseat. At 100mph.

I was the one who said something. Not her. He treated me like a was being a scared little ■■■■■ when I called him out for it. Like I didn’t know how to have fun. I was so angry but I let it slide on the condition that she doesn’t let him do that anymore with the baby in the car. They broke up shortly after. He stalked her for months too. He was not okay mentally. Clearly.

This “friend” was also constantly asking me for a ride or for $20 here or $15 there. Once asking to stay in my house until they got back up on their feet after an emergency situation. I let them then they trashed my place and argued loud enough for all my neighbors to be disturbed. Her boyfriend (not the same boyfriend as mentioned above, different guy) even insulted me after I let them stay with me. When I wanted to talk about it they both avoided me.

That’s when I started to give up on the friendship. I knew I should’ve much sooner but we grew up together and it was hard letting go.

She would show up at my place of work to ask why I wasn’t talking to her anymore. It was borderline scary.

Eventually my mental health got so bad I thought she was performing black magic on me to have me killed. So needless to say I avoided her out of paranoia.

Now that I’m doing better, I’m glad we don’t talk anymore. She wasn’t a good friend. And I ignored all the flags for way too long.

I was living with a bipolar woman who laid in bed the whole time we were together and I always thought she was just cycling…then she admitted to me that the whole time she was laying there she was in love with her last husband…broke my heart…wasn’t much longer and I left…she wanted at one time to do a suicide duo with me…bad news.


No. Never.

I have NO clue what you could be insinuating.


I was friends with someone who would lie about everything to everyone. In the end it was impossible to know what was true and what was a lie. She also did some other stuff and ran into legal trouble.

She really was a bad person and I broke that friendship off.

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I ignore plenty of red flags around here. I only pay attention to green flags.

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When my gut tells me I should avoid a certain person, it usually turns out to be the wise decision. However I don’t always make that decision, and later come to regret it.

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Those are a little above and beyond red flags.

I had an ex girlfriend who would hit me when she was angry

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