Red as a tomato

I’m on education. Voices have been quiet. But today they started actiong out when I talked. They said nobody likes you and you talk nonsense. You are worthless and nobody wants to listen to you. I turned red as a tomato. And hot. All sweaty. I was terrified someone might have noticed. Atleast they noticed me to be red and hot.

Poor comatose, you are still suffering from voices. I don’t know what to do as you already on high dose of Abilify. Have you considered a switch of med again? There are new meds in the market such as iti-007.

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I couldn’t handle having douchebag voices, I would get mad, for sure. Some of you must be such mellow souls.

Idk if iti-007 is in Sweden yet.

Yes I was both mad, chocked and terrified at the same time. Nobody in my class knows I hear voices. They were quiet all day and I was not ready to hear that. I can’t just shout “shut up!” In class. Or maybe I should next time. Out my self completely.

I could blame my tourette’s. Then yell shut up a couple ofmore times.

I’m sorry to hear you’re having a tough time. Don’t worry about going red, I’m sure nobody noticed.

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I’m sure all noticed. But I’m ok now. It was tough yeaterday. Maybe I need to say something to the teacher if it happens again. Or maybe I just keep quiet.

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I’m sorry @Comatose :frowning2:

It’s okay… at worst your classmates will think you are a little shy. So many people get a bit nervous when talking in the classroom - that is how it will have come across.

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