Recycling old joke


A very devout man is in his home watching TV during a terrible rainstorm. He looks out his window and sees that the streets are flooding. The water is rising fast and so he climbs up on to his roof but he’s not worried, he has his faith. He’s stranded there without help with the water licking at his feet until all of a sudden a man in a rowboat paddles over to him. The guy in the rowboat says," Hail friend, get in, I will save you" !
But the man on the roof says ,“It’s OK, God will save me”. And he doesn’t get in.The water rises to his neck but just then a rescue helicopter flies down and the pilot yells, “Here, grab this rope and I’ll save you”.
But the man says, “That’s OK, God will save me”.So the helicopter leaves. 5 minutes later the water rises over the mans head and he drowns. He gets up to heaven and he sees God. He walks up to God angrily and says, 'What’s the matter? I had
complete faith in you and you didn’t help me".God says, 'Why are you so mad? I sent you a rowboat and a helicopter didn’t I"?


I have always loved that joke… It sums it up in a nut shell very well. You have to still grab opportunity and be proactive…


That joke really makes me think. there are lessons to be learned from that one Good joke Nick , thanks


I literally just watched a movie a couple days ago that said that joke. It was the one with Will Smith and his son going through really hard financial times and he ends up as a stock trader. Though they phrased it differently.

Their version of the joke was the man was stranded on an island and 2 ships came by before he died.

So simple and funny.