Recurring dream

I just realized that I have a recurring nightmare…

I already graduated high school (like…15 or so years ago). But in the dream I´m forced to repeat (and pass the grades again). It´s a really stressful dream. High school wasn´t easy for me to pass, and I was very lucky to get the diploma.

I´m beeing forced to repeat High school because if not, I will completely dissapoint my father.

It´s a very stressful dream.

What do you think it means?


That you feel like you didn’t finish high school properly and have to do it again. Like you still have some business to finish.

You could always go and sit again next to 16 year olds🙂

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That´s part of the nightmare dude!

I think I feel academic pressure from my father. He is very oldschool and he wants me to finish music. But I don´t want to.

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It sounds like maybe or maybe not you set high standards for yourself perhaps due to your upbringing.

I have that too.

And it ALWAYS manifests in my schizophrenic episodes.

But in a scary way

Anyway good luck…

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