Recreational drug users and SZ

Hey guys, I just wanted to ask some of you guys who have overcome your substance addiction how you did it??

I have quit cold turkey for extended periods of time but never completely. I think when I finish this weed I will try to quit completely. i need to make something of myself, maybe get back into school. i don’t know. the problem for me is that i just can’t seem to carry anything through to the end. i’m lazy, i guess you could say depressed, however, I’ve gotten used to it and just believe I’m a negative or darker person. I’ve got a good heart, but not everyone can “look at the bright-side” you know what I mean? i think about death a lot, and what happens after we die, just pondering life like a philosopher cause i’ve got nothing to do with my day while essentially hitting bowls.

i feel like everyday is an existential crisis for me.

thoughts… on anything really.

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Both schizophrenia and marijuana use can make motivation difficult. Don’t be so hard on yourself.


First I think some of this might be good ole Sz, the other part of it is… that sad empty feeing when the high is over. I don’t think your lazy, I think you just might be taking in too much pot and it does take it’s toll on the motivation. There are very few people who can get up and really get moving when they are high on weed or anything else. So, no, I don’t think your lazy and all that…

I didn’t quit with out help the first time. I was in rehab a few times before it finally stuck. So if you don’t make it once, do not get discouraged. The last time I smoked… I lost it. Delusion city and I have no idea how I didn’t loose my job, my place to live or my tiny grain of lucid. I have too much at stake now to go back.

But if your pot is a huge time and mind consumer, you are going to need some help kicking it out of your life, because it’s not going to go willingly. If your brain craves it… then it’s most likely time to talk to your doc and say… Ok, it’s time to stop the weed and get the motivation back.


You sound like you want to change for the better. This is the first step

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I feel like it’s my only option. I’m entering the prime of my life and I won’t waste it.
my parents are old school eastern europeans who are getting a little fed up as i’ve been stuck like this since the diagnosis, with little change in between… i can’t do it anymore… just do nothing all day you know. after a while it gets old. sure you could do that for 6 months, but after that… you just wanna kill yourself.

I was right where you are when I was 18. I had a testicle infection which put me out of bodybuilding and caused a deep depression. I was failing honors physics but managed to pull off a C. I was smoking pot on a daily basis and didnt see an end in sight. I finally got sick of being a druggie and tapered off, but it’s hard to quit. It takes finding something to replace getting high, and for me it was recovering from my injury and getting back into the gym. I would fantasize about death a whole lot, remember that weed is a depressant. If youre depressed, it often spikes up your dopamine and you feel better, then you get too into thinking and inevitably start ruminating, at least thats what it did for me.

Taper off. Cold turkey is not the way to go. You can quit, its been done by many people before. And my opinion is that quitting drugs is worth it, your life feels better when you’re clean. I then entered the active phase of psychosis a month after I quit though, so then I went back downhill but switched to booze instead of weed, as weed made me have vivid hallucinations and extreme paranoia. I got steadily more into alcohol and became a raging alky by the time I was done with my freshman year of college, I had to detox and get on meds over the summer, and alcohol made it alot more uncomfortable.

In short, we people who have schizophrenia don’t need any more drugs. Our lives are trippy enough, LOL.

I’ve been clean since last summer, I took a hit off a pipe and had an episode so that made me vow to never touch weed again. The very smell makes me feel sick.

I found myself in your position and it took discipline to change. It’s a life saver to get clean though. Know that for a fact.

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Drugs are bad. Just quit, it’s not as hard as it looks.

I agree with you 100% mortimer. I go to the gym as well, except last week in soccer this chick ■■■■■■ up my ankle pretty bad. Its swollen and bruised still after like 10 days now. Probably one more week and I will go back to the gym.

Even the psychotic effects. The first time I really quit for 3 months the first 2 weeks we’re brutal… I wasn’t psychotic, but close. Couldn’t sleep and everyday just seeped into the other, with my paranoia and voices increasing three fold. I find even if I don’t sleep for 1 night, it gets worse for me. When I was psychotic I don’t think I slept for about 3 weeks. That was an experience that changed me forever.

Thanks for the reply mortimer.

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I had a bad crack habit for three years in the late eighties. During that time I occasionally smoked pot and I also drank frequently. I spent about three or four thousand dollars on crack in those three years. Which is nothing compared to other people I know who smoked crack. I once met a guy who spent a HUNDRED thousand dollars from an inheritance in a few years! Anyway, I got clean in AA. CA, and NA in 1990. I have not drank alcohol or taken any drugs since January 1st,1990. I’ve been to over a thousand 12-step meetings. I have gotten up and talked in front of many other addicts or alcoholics.
I once gave a 15 minute talk to more than a hundred addicts. But usually it was only in front of 20 or 30.

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recreational???hmmmm mine was an opbsessional self medicating knighmare of getting drunk and doing stupid ■■■■ repeat as required.