Recovery! When?

The latest guidelines for the treatment of psychosis of 2013, in the case of multiple episodes speak of 2-5 years of pharmacotherapy discouraging an antipsychotic treatment plus prolongation. Now why are so many of you resigned to the treat for life? I’m incredulous. It seems absurd to me.

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Where are these guides sources from?

How long were u non stop on ap for? Are u off it now?

I agree. It’s crazy to take antipsychotics for so long with all the health effects. And to be honest, I’m not even fully sure if reducing dopamine in the brain really does lead to less symptoms, or preventing psychosis. Plenty of people are cuckoo whilst still on the meds, and I was crazy in hospital for 11 weeks whilst medicated. I think it was me who snapped out of psychosis and delusion, not the meds that did it.

I can’t believe my bad luck. I’ve always been ‘against’ meds not literally but just trying to stay away from them yet here I am taking one of the more horrible ones in the sense of side effects every day…

  1. Because my psychiatrist continues to recommend medication.
  2. Because I become floridly psychotic, lose my insight, and relapse when I discontinue my medication and this has been the case for the past 25+ years.

And questions?


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