Recovery on Meds. what does it for you?

I have experienced my way through olanzapine, sulpiride, amisulpiride, quetiapine and even Abilify and spent the time, almost twenty years, feeling crazy and paranoid whilst working and getting on with life. Now, I am trying out Latuda and from day one have made a recovery in full. Oh, I am so happy and relieved. There is hope for us all. I haven’t suffered one symptom…

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I’m glad you found a med that is working for you so well… congratulations. Glad to hear your on the way out of the head circus.

I’m on Latuda and yes… it’s given me my life back. I still have some things that therapy helps with… anger management… social skills and anxiety… boundary issues…

But the voices have been fading… the visual hallucinations have been gone…
the sneaky brained thinking has been getting easier to see through.

It’s amazing when a med actually works.


Well, I hope that continues. Medicating sz is always a matter of finding the key that fits in the lock. Some fit a little. Some fit better. Some fit really well.