Recovery just a term for people who work?_

if i work for KFC even6 though id hate it an6d then im RECOVERED.

No i don’t think so, some say recovery is getting back to the level of functioning you were before you fell ill.

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I have heard that said too but what if you got ill pre or on the brink of adulthood so you have no adult comparison to make or you were always dysfunctional/off key to some extent?


I would call it recovery when you feel you no longer need or want assistance, support, or benefits.
But who am I to say?

I worked almost 14 years before I deteriorated enough to qualify for SSDI.
I could only pretend so long before snapped.

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That is exactly what I’ve heard myself say. I ended up in hospital when I was 17. I have no adult functioning to compare to.

Again personally I do not like to use the term recovery when it comes to a chronic brain based illness like SZ. Its not like schizophrenia disapears and one does not have it anymore, it always there. Remission is a better term in my opinion. I think if you are in full remission or “recovery” mode, your SZ was probably mild to begin with, or you do not display disabling negative symptoms. Sometimes, no many times there is an existing personality disorder that co exists with the SZ

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I first saw a pdoc at 16.75 when i was at boarding school studying for A levels and hospitalised at 18 and a bit . Pre that i was a shy,loner who got bullied a lot for being physically and socially awkward. I was bright but with cognitive problems that never got picked up on and if i am honest not one to study as much as i should have.

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I was a bit the opposite. I was hyperactive and in everyone face all the time. Personal boundaries meant nothing to me. I was told about them time and time again, but I was always in people space.

When I was little I would embarrass my parents a great deal by pinching ladies bottoms when we were in an elevator or a crowd. I was little and they were right there in front of me. Eye level… They looked squishy and firm at that same time… so i would have to pinch them to find out.

A lot of my cognitive problems got picked up on quickly because I was hyper and loud and touchy and jumpy and running around. I was probably manic… but no one calls a little kid manic. They call a little kid energetic. Until of course that little kid is naked in the middle of the class room…

Then they call him “No No.”

also got sick at sixteen years old maybe its just a term for people who are doin6g really well very confusing.

'“Recovery” has a couple different meanings to me. To me “recovery” is your symptoms are diminishing. “Recovery” and “getting a job” is a whole other context. You can say,"He/she recovered enough to get a job. But if you have a job, chances are you have recovered some. My paranoid schizophrenia was extremely severe at the beginning.

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