Recovery is still work--no matter what stage

Thank you for normalizing this for me! It’s true that everyone has challenges with balance.

That’s a power word for me (balance). Because I tend to gravitate toward extremes: when things are good, it’s like the best day of my life; but hard days mess with my confidence very badly.

Also, when things are going well, I tend to think I can accomplish everything (I have an extraordinary faith lol). But this episode has proven that I should use some of that faith to rest and enjoy life more.

I really appreciate your support :slight_smile:

Be Well,



Before I was effectively medicated and therapized, I did work, albeit manically and not very effectively. Subsequent to being effectively medicated and therapized, I have been able to work a a higher level of competence than ever before. But I do understand now that I was “pro-dromal” with marginally sub-psychotic PTSD for a long, long time.

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The power of therapy lol.

I admire how you’ve found a path to wellness that allows you to work off of your strengths.

That’s very inspirational to me.



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Really appreciate your sharing this. Glad to hear you are getting on top of things.



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That’s wonderful glad to read this. I think your right i’d consider myself to be in recovery also for about 6 months or so from what you say recovery may never be 100% from my thoughts but it certainly for me at least easyer as time go’s. I would say that your willingness to get better is the main driving force to getting better because you except this witch is a result of where you are now, i think perhaps therapy is good but i would say most of the work came from you. Yes i also like your positive self talk because anything good we do in are life comes from positive affermations for me this is how i changed my life there isn’t much limitations with positive affermations i find this to be the guide for my life and is the best coping skill of all.

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