Recovery is possible!


In the past I never believed in recovery from schizophrenia,schizoaffective or bipolar.
For a while now I honestly believe that I have finally achieved Recovery status from my psychosis- no mania, no severe depression, no delusions, no hallucinations.
I still suffer from anxiety- agoraphobia and OCD and some mild paranoia, but hey who said life was perfect! :smiley:


Glad to see you around Snowy!
Like your positive avatar - hope all is well with you


I’m glad to hear this. I’m glad the med reduction seems to be going OK.

This is when I feel like I’m playing the whack-a-mole game…

Over all I think I’m doing much better. But it’s always little things here and there that need a constant knock down.

Glad your feeling stronger and that recovery is possible.


good on you, you deserve to be better.
take care :alien:


Glad to hear this good news, wave. Hope this good state lasts long.


Keep on going the more you do and engage in things the less you will have to deal with the illness.