Recovering from invega

I really agree with you airfly that the side effects of antipsychotics suck but for those of us who got the schizophrenia from our parents like me you don’t stand a chance without antipdychotics. So to all of you who have sz running in.the family I just want to advice you to take your prescriptions and to keep away from street drugs and alcohol

Invega was a crap tastic drug. I thank all that is holy that im off it. Still waiting to recover but im already better. Im on abilify now.

I was on invega for over 10 years. It made me very tired, complacent, and lack emotion. Physically it made me constantly look pregnant and I lactated excessively. The doctors said my prolactin levels were way too high. Since I got off it and switched to abilify, I have lost 40 lbs, and don’t struggle with too many abnormal thoughts. Still have little motivation and energy though. I would say I have successfully recovered from invega, it is a terrible medication.


I think it stays for a while unfortunately. It will get better over time, though. I was nearly forced to take the injection in the psych ward but because anhedonia can drive me to suicide and make me more miserable than psychosis, i really didn’t want to even risk it.

I have had it multiple times before and my side effects were the same as yours. Recently it took me a whole 2 months to recover from just 1 test dose of invega, I regained my sexual function and recovered from anhedonia.

I read somewhere you can sweat it out, not sure how true that is. An antidepressant might help with the anhedonia.

Invega is the one AP i won’t take, i even stayed in the hospital longer because i refused the injection.