Recovering from episode

Yesterday was horrible I don’t remember much but only coming around the voices where so loud and controlling, I can just remember the Staff Nurses all running in with gloves on… coming around now my head hurts my question is when you have had a episode can’t you remember very well and start having flash backs ??

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Sounds scary. At least you’re in a safe place.

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Yea it’s possible, not all times though that you forget. Some are very vivid, but others, like when I go catatonic I don’t know what is going on around me, lose sense of the environment (I guess you can say that is forgetting) sometimes I can’t move, others I’m really zoned out with thought insertions and it does feel like one big blur once I get stable, but during the episode what people say to me, I have no way of remembering even 2 seconds later, hence forgetting. I need people to be with me in a state of crisis.


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