My treatment is finally coming to an end (stopping the antipsychotic) as I feel at like 80%. However I still experience lack of motivation and lack of cognitive skills - I am not fully functional yet. Is this related to the antipsychotic (Vraylar)? Did things get better after you stopped it?

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Is this doctor directed? :dvd::dvd::dvd:


Good luck, only way to find out is after you stop it.

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I’m not on aps and I still have lack motivation and some cognitive issues.
I think it’s just the nature of the illness it waxes and wanes. Some good days some bad days.
So just don’t expect it to magically go away. You will probably have to work at managing it for life.

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Hey @leugim1. Welcome to the forum!!! Did your dr ok you going off your antipsychotic? I wouldn’t do that without their approval. If they did, best of luck to you! :slight_smile:


At some point, I’m sure someone is going to mention rebound effect.

Coming off of antipsychotics entirely has usually caused some psychosis for me. I’m in the ‘stable on a tiny dose’ crowd.


Hey thank you so much! Yes he has approved, I have been on them for almost 2 years and we both agreed that we should try quitting them.


I quitting with the help of my psychiatrist!


I hope it works out. :slight_smile:

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That’s great! I hope it goes well!

I quit meds for 1-2 years with my psychiatrist’s help as I was doing excellent, no positive and no negative symptoms. Was hell for me as I am violent and suicidal without meds. Ended up having federal cops at my house and being brought by 4 cops to mental hospital. Now I have severe negative symptoms which I didn’t have before stopping meds.

Only way to know is to try and yes there is a risk that it will become worse than now. Its up to you. Good luck!

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@Aziz ere you ever like that before meds? the violent and suicidal symptoms

In general most folks go back to being psychotic and spend some time in the Psych Ward after they do such a thing but maybe you were misdiagnosed or incredibly lucky and won’t have to do that.

Not until I had psychosis symptoms and even then I was just suicidal, not violent. Going off meds makes me violent too now. The brain gets addicted on meds or maybe the disease got worse after diagnosis. Also I didn’t have as much negative symptoms the first year or 2.

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I tried to kill myself twice before my diagnosis and was close twice. I was diagnosed with psychosis nos the same day as my second suicide attempt.

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