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How do you feel around people, confident? Worrisome? Like worrying if they like you or not? Well I had the chance to shoot some Archery with 2 young couples. I was being extroverted it felt good however, at times the communication was hard. Like you can’t stare at a woman with a BF the same way you would if she or he was single. I asked them if they wished to compete in a little competition, see who could get closest to the bullseye target. It was fun, talking archery. I felt a little out of place being single and all. If I were to shoot again with them I’d ask them if I could shoot with them, or shoot separate. I noticed a lot of BF-GF type communication. I was quiet as they appeared to be talking among themselves, made me feel like an outkast. But I cracked some jokes and we shot some arrows. It was a challenge being social, just maintaining genuine eye contact, wheww. It’s hard for a man with SZA. But I hope to come back next week with a little more social savvy.Just like finding or thinking of things to talk about. It felt the less I talked the further the trust went away. What can I do as a form of recovery to improve in situations like these? Thanks…,


the best thin g to do is just relax and be yourself you shouldnt let them put pressure on you. at least be responsive to and talk thrown your way.I struggle in social situation because i get this awkward telepathy like they are all staring through me. It feels like judgement but for the most people are only worried about themselves. You might have been out of place as a fifth wheel but it is a role you have to play sometimes. Im sure they weren’t to harsh with their judgements and if they were that is their problem not yours. If they want to put others down to feel high and mighty then they probably dont deserve your friendship. Im sure my friends can tell Im a little different since going schizo, but they just seem to ignore it. If your people arent working out for you try to make some new friends somewhere i know that can be difficult but there are good people everywhere. I feel that my symptoms are a barrier and its struggle to even concern myself with fitting in but i still tag along. So long as you arent an ■■■■■■■ yourself people will probably appreciate you or even show so sympathy.


Hey Bryan that is some whole heart decent advice. It must be very rough for u. I relate broham. I played like a leader role being the 5th wheel. They didn’t mind but i wasn’t always leading. I should have responded more to detail, as well as compliments. i feel funny giving the girls compliments like great shot! I mean isn’t that their bf job? I did feel pressure because one of the girls was attractive and I was trying to hide it. But they liked me. I thought I heard one time one said why is he still here or something could have been hallucination. Well Bryan thanks you seem to have weathered some social scenarios yourself. Would be good hearing from ya.

Out on the street around people I don’t know, just walking… I feel fine. I do wonder sometimes if my SZ shows. But most of the time I can swallow down that feeling and shake it off.

People in my little sub-neighborhood know me and say hi. I know them and say hi back. But as I venture further out, if I start off alone, I stay alone. I don’t usually get to strike up a conversation with people I don’t know very often.

I think you did v.well,you cracked a joke and make eye contact…for me,I feel that being comfortable and relax is by far the most important thing to have during social contact and interaction,too bad I seldom feel these but I will try

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