Recorded cell phone calls

i have a google plus. my brother is in charge of my phone plan. It beeps when i make outgoing calls.

Does that mean it’s recorded. how can i tell?

Maybe it means you have voice mail messages you need to listen to ?

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Thank you everhopeful. That might be it. I tested it and so far no beep. Thank you very much. I’ll test it more this weekend. Sadly I have no one to call to test it with. Lol

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it still beeps on most calls.

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My landline did the same. It made an almost dial up sound every time I would make a call and then two beeps when it connected to the number. I seen a guy working on my telephone pole outside and I quizzed him over it but he didn’t know anything about it.

I thought for months my phone was tapped.

do you think an app might be doing it? It never happened before. my brother probably could and would i wouldn’t put it past him. When i called his number i once had a recording come on if i want to speak to him the call would be recorded… i don’t think he has the time to listen to my phone calls but he likes to make fun of me with my sister who hates me behind my back. they really do i’m not imagining it.

My phone is tapped. I hear clicks.

i don’t hear it on my landline but there is a small beep on my calls i make out.

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I’m not sure about the beeps

We hear it on our landline. Have for years.

I think my cellphone is tapped too but not just when I am making calls but all the time. It is a monitoring device.

When you work in a Security vault which I used to do you can’t even bring your cell phone in there because they can be so easily hacked.

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Yeah. Mine is listened into all the time too

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mine might be because my brother likes to fit in with my sister and her husband. he will be mean to me to fit in. i was the favorite growing up. my sister has a older sibling complex. she’s hated me all my life. i won’t even take his calls anymore. i feel like he reports to my sister everything i say. i know this to be true from conversations with them. she will know stuff i tell him. but when i speak with my brother we never even hardly talk about my sister.

but i doubt anyone is after you or listening to your phone calls. but in truth all phone calls are probably recorded.

That’s awful that your brother reports to her. That just inflamed the issues between you.

i’ve actually really tried to help my brother. i love him. but i thought my sister would be better for him. Because she is stronger than me. i didn’t realize she would turn him against me.

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Maybe he’s not really against you but is trying to be in the good side of you both but it’s not helping at all

no he said something really really mean a few weeks ago. it made me cry a lot. i don’t trust him anymore.

he’s trying to fit in with my sister and her husband.

I’m sorry @anon18905566. That would hurt me deeply too

i use to think i was close to my siblings i don’t anymore.

my brother and sister also don’t like my other sister. and she doesn’t like them. my other sister doesn’t like me either. she’s really cold and distant not only to me but my mom too. i’m alone on the fourth and i told my mom that i wouldn’t go to my sister’s and she agreed. my two sisters will put me down to their kids and that’s what hurts the most. they don’t want their kids to like me. but it is what it is i just can’t focus on it and go on with my life. it would be easier except i live with my mom and have to deal a lot more with them than if i lived on my own. but my mom is starting to need me more now too.

Was one or both of your parents an alcoholic? That can tear apart a family like that

it’s just my mom.

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