Reconnected with my old designer boss on facebook

I looked up one of my ex bosses from furniture design on facebook and we had about a two hour chat last night. Made me feel good, like a designer again. He went into his approach on design in depth and I felt honored…and amazingly his wife has family in my town in Oklahoma…he lives in Florida…he said just last month he was in my town…blew me away…next year when he comes back we are going to go to bob’s pig shop for bbq pork ribs and bonding…I can’t wait…this is excellent news for me. oh yes, He is very successful and makes tons of money which makes me happy for him too.


You always talk about how much money people have. Every person you talk about on here. Maybe you’d be happier and be more social if you weren’t focusing on money, especially other people’s.


I am just proud to know wealthy people and family…I wish I had money so it impresses me…sorry I won’t talk about money anymore.

Why? I don’t understand that. Is it because you think you have connections? What do those connections actually do for you?

Why not focus on how good or kindhearted or decent someone is? THAT is what counts.

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I wish I had more money too, just enough to allow me to spend my time as I want and travel a bit.
Yes, obsessing about this is unhealthy.

I don’t rate people based on how much they make, though. It’s what they do and how they think that matters more to me.

You might rather find me chat with an engineer, a teacher or a doctor, than a crypto investor or snake oil salesman.

With that in mind, I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to bond with someone whom you look up to. And furniture design is a very honorable line of work.


please stop judging me? I talk plenty about poor people too…it’s even to me…I don’t care if a person has money but if they are a great person like my ex boss PLUS being successful it’s a bonus, not a decision to like him just because he is wealthy…


It’s hard not to notice when that’s what you say every post about anyone. I’ve never noticed you say “I’m friends with XYZ, we just reconnecred and they are broke”

If you post things like that, expect to have your motivations judged. It’s a public forum and you are not going to be patted on the head with every reply. I refuse to say “its ok to be proud of making friends woth people due to their finances” because that is wrong.

I see my place here is endangered because I 've hurt of offended some people that I never meant to hurt…it’s ok to be mad at me…I screwed up…I won’t argue with your opinion of me…

What are you talking about? Who did you offend with this money fixation? I’m not offended, just saying that your motivations are clearly motivated by money based on your posts.

for the record? last night I spent with my neighbor who is dirt poor, and he is my best friend right now…he is my hero for what he’s done in his life as a man. you are just wrong about me…i am not proud of just who I know with money…I have friends who are just as poor as me and I love them equally…you are looking for a fight and I’m not going to give it to you…i know you don’t want me here…I didn’t say I offended someone in this thread.

You’re being paranoid. I commented on something that you do a lot, you then stated you were proud of knowing wealthy people, and I commented on that. It IS wrong to value people for their money.

You’re just doubling down and grasping at straws to prove you’re a good person. I never said anything about that. I said you are fixated on money and would do better to not be.

Not sure how that translates to everything else you’re going on about, but have at it.

No, he isn’t
You are riding him.


I’m proud to know people who understand that society grows through service to others.

another judgement from someone that doesn’t want me on the forum…I have enemies here but I also have friends and that’s why I am staying.


Pointing out something is riding him? Trying to make someone understand something is riding them? Please.

It’s an outlook learned in AA through service work. We are all equal there. Even the old-timers are staying sober in the same 24 hours as the newest member.

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that sounds like a nice friend. hopefully you two will bond. Its hard to get excited about work/school after taking breaks or being away for awhile. Sometimes money is a motivating factor, but I do agree that we shouldnt have to live in a society where everyone’s worth is somehow attached to income.
money is more of a value exchange than of value on its own. Hopefully your friendship gets you on a good path and maybe you can find some projects that will help you feel successful too.

Ive always wanted to be an engineer and I would love to work on alternative energy. I just dont know if I have the math/physics enough to really excel there.

One thing I love to do is I love to create. Im really good with technology once I learn how to use it Im very innovative. I came up with an Artificial intelligence algorithm once just using a chromebook and microsoft linux, and through my experimentation I found out there’s a good bit of stuff you can do. I think if I were to really seriously want a job it would have to relate game design, AI, and cloud computing/cyber security. Game design would be fun. It would also be fun to design a game that teaches you how to program computers.

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Outside mate. Outside

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Its nice to have good friends.

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Sounds like fun. Sorry you’re getting picked on.