Recommendations/Suggestions for reading a good book

i was reading Lost Tribe of the Sith Star Wars book got about 5 chapters in and havent picked it back up yet. i suppose i could go back to reading it but i was wondering. does anyone have any interesting book suggestions that i can read. please provide a short description of the book and what its about without spoiling so i have some kind of idea of what i will be buying. preferably a book. and it doesnt hvae to be fiction it could be a 15th century manuscript on something interesting or something idk. let er rip tater chipz!

I don’t know if you would relate to this book because it is set in the old South during the Jim Crow period. It is called “All the Kings Men”. It is based on a true story about Govenor Huey Long and his rise and fall. It has the sweetest romance in it, and it gives a compelling portrayal of the South back then. It spans a wide panorama of characters, and it has a wistful, satisfying end.

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Ubik by Philip k dick. It’s about a future society where anti psi`s, as they’re called, are assigned on a mission to fight these spies that can read minds.

Divided Soul by David Ritz. About the sad and tragic life of soul singer Marvin Gaye.

The book of Deuteronomy in the holy bible.

I’m an avid reader, and the three above mentioned books are the most touching and moving pieces of art I’ve ever come across.

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